Swamp Thing

Local trails, drying out. Areas that are wet will likely stay tacky through the summer. The real wet is on the two track and dirt road that was flooded in the Intervale, where most of this mess came from.

3 Replies to “Swamp Thing”

  1. That baby is geared low! Looks like my MTB that I used for the Race to the Top of Vermont. I just ran my 22t up front with a 9spd in the rear.

  2. 32×18…

    Low enough to be slow on the road, high enough to keep it interesting in the woods, and just about right for trailering the little one and groceries.

    Last winter I ran 30×18 with the studs and never changed it out. This year I’m trying to push a taller gear in the woods. I finally cleaned a short climb nearby for the first time… so I’m either getting stronger or I’m figuring better way to ‘walk’ the bike side to side.

    I do see a 1×9 setup in my near future… until someone takes this off my hands, or I get my Fargo ordered and built up.

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