Water, Wind(power), and Fargo

Good morning shakedown on the Fargo. Surprisingly capable bike, and even though I can’t pull in the reach anymore (I’m all out of stems!) – I was pretty comfortable on the bike path, road, and some trail this morning. Its snappier than I expected, and while it feels huge climbing aboard, I noticed that it disappears underneath me when I stop thinking and ride. Hopefully I’ll get a mixed terrain ride in this Sunday to put it through its paces – road, dirt road, maybe some connector trail. I’m thinking that the 2010-11 model will fit me better than the first generation frames. They’ve pulled in the ETT a bit, making the medium size closer to my IF. They also shortened up the chainstays and corrected the head tube so you can run a rigid or suspension fork. The Vulpines roll surprising well on pavement and hardpack.

My usual morning dirt / path loop is a bit flooded. I still have a pack raft on my list, so no mixed terrain / aquatics riding this morning.

Tesla Roadster parked in the ONE. Love the license plate.

Snapped a pic of the Fargo on the singletrack connector from North Ave. to the lakefront MUP. The Epic (Revelate) frame bag is really nice.

3 Replies to “Water, Wind(power), and Fargo”

  1. Tesla base price : $109,000.
    Wind power : cool.
    Value of pedaling the Fargo : priceless.
    Salsa : it’s the only way you need to go.

  2. I have an XL Fargo I’ll build-up at some point.
    Dude, I’m a bit south of you, and just cannot seem to get my season started, getting out maybe once a week, blowing off all my Brevet/Rando plans (I didn’t have the legs and knew it from early rides, despite some really good trainer sessions), and just trying to get it happening.
    I’m in NW CT, and was hoping to head up the NE Kingdom for some Mtn Biking too, which probably will happen later in summer. Now I’m headed to Spain w/ my son’s senior Spanish class, so basically, April is a write off.
    This won’t happen next winter-Pugsley, travel to NC or FL and keep spinning if needed.
    Get out the violin, I know, but this was just a really bad winter.

  3. Awesome! Seems like it’d be a great bike. I’ve never ridden one, but a number of bike blog folks seem to really like them.

    Also, gorgeous sunrise!

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