Woods and Beach

re-Learning how to ride in the woods. Locally the high trails are dry. Rocks and roots are perpetually slippy. The lake is at a near all time high, cresting with all the snow melt and recent rain. Lots of crap on the beach. Nice morning to explore on fat tires, while trying to kick a bit of a cold I picked up from the little one.

5 Responses to “Woods and Beach”

  1. greg says:

    Nice flotsam, or is it jetsom? I can never remember.

  2. the ancient mariner says:

    flotsam = unknown origin

    jetsam = thrown overboard

  3. greg says:

    Being the ancient mariner,

    shouldn’t your replies rhyme?

    Anyhow, flotsam it is this time.

  4. the ancient mariner says:

    Greg, I jettisoned my rhyming ways. But something may float through my transom now and again. 🙂