Did some early loops at Sunny Mosquito Hollow this morning. Did a long (relative) loop out on the blue trails, then got turned around on Moose Hill and pretty sure I ended up on the grounds of Camp Johnson.

Still figuring out the drop bar position – currently its great for gravel / local trails – but I can see for extended single track I’d want it a bit higher. Still annoyed with the adjustment / shifting of the SRAM FD… doesn’t stay put after adjustment and gives come chain rub in too many combinations. Salsa sent along some missing inline adjusters… but the one for the FD seems to unwind itself every few days. Might need to tighten it down and add some electrical tape.

Starting to feel like myself again. Still fatigued, with sore legs… looking forward to a decent ride this Sunday.

4 Replies to “Singletrack”

  1. Oh, the Sunday morning rides. Gone like the wind, for now, for me! Look forward to ripping your legs off when I come back! :)~

  2. Somehow I keep picturing the beginning of the $6 Million Dollar man… We can rebuild him. Stronger, faster.

    Oh, you will drop me, no doubt. Hell, on the 200k I had a hard time catching a pair of seniors in flip flops on cruiser bikes…

  3. funny, glad you are out riding. Get some for me. I will be in my secret recovery lair busting out some serious watts! what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

  4. Yo! Time to bust out some single double logging dirt road track in central VT.
    We can do the my house dirt/groton rail bed (now includes washed out cliffhanger single track section)/cabot trails/east montpelier single track/montpelier single track route.

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