TarpTent Contrail

New shelter. Testing hopefully this fall. Quick pitch in the park – took 3 minutes first time out of the package. Need to seam seal and add a few guy lines and stakes. 1.8 pounds. Packs 4×14″ with the optional pole strapped to my bars or bike. Room for 2 in a pinch, or dad and a little one. With a line for the door, I could sit up and cook under the entry.

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  1. I bought a Contrail last year, g/f bought a Double Rainbow. I found the Contrail too small. I’m just too used to being able to sit up and easily move around. We’ve used the DR quite a few times, works great for two people. It will also be the tent I plan to use for solo trips. Packs just a wee bit bigger, and a bit heavier, but worth it IMO.

    Still, very cool to see another cyclist going for the TarpTent. 😉

  2. Zyzzyx – plan on using it as a glorified bivy. I looked at the Moment, but this packs smaller and will tuck into my drop bars on the Fargo.

    If I was running straight bars, or didn’t plan on using it with my road bike – I’d probably have gone that way. And, I hope to do some hiking with this – so a trekking pole will work in front.

    The Double Rainbow looks great too.

  3. I had a tarptent for a spell. It was definitely my smallest packing 2 person tent. I loved packing that bad boy away and watching it disappear into a tiny stuff sack…=-)

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