VT 200k

Our VT200k was this past weekend. 17 riders started, 16 finished, 1 pulling a Burley Nomad full of provisions. Beautiful blue sky day, mild temperatures, a gentle breeze. The Pugsley and I ferried goodies to the finish. We missed the fast guys and gals by about 30-45 minutes, but we welcomed in 12 of the finishers with some food and drink. Looking forward to the Lake 200/300k coming up in June!

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  1. Ap! I can find out what the orange h-bar bag on the LeMond is. Might take a bit…

    The Pugsley and Burley were transport for food / water to the finish. We had another rider on a Surly Long Haul Trucker who pulled a Burley Nomad around the entire course…

  2. Hi… Allow me to begin by thanking you again for putting in the time and effort to organize these brevets… Then, I noticed in an earlier post you mentioned the possiblity of offering a “gap filled” brevet this fall… well I was out training for the upcoming 300k this past weekend and I used a route that, with some small modifications, might interest you for such a “gap filled” event… My ride was roughly 260k and went over Ap Gap (west to east), Lincoln Gap (east to west… absolutely brutal 😉 ), Middlebury Gap (west to east) and Brandon Gap (east to west… awesome descent!)… Anyway, feel free to contact me if you would like more detailed info about the route and the experience.

  3. Hey KH,

    That sounds like fun, but I’d want to stretch it out a bit and make the gaps part of a logical loop – crisscrossing back and forth is a fun way to bury oneself in the pain cave – but I don’t think it would make an enjoyable rando-ride.

    I have thought about working in Brandon and Appalachian Gap into a 2or300k that leaves from BTV… could be fun.

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