Little River Ski


A semi back country ski with Greg in Little River State Park, on my ~8 year old, long, skinny, straight, metal edged Karhu Pavo’s. ~6 miles, according to my rough trail sketch on TopoFusion we climbed ~1300 feet. Deep snow, steep trails (up and down), a sled dog team, coffee and lunch break… all good fun resulting in a sore body.


If I can get in better ski shape I have my eye on the Bolton-Trapps trail. Its been since 2005 since I’ve been out on my Nordic skis on a regular basis, and since 2005-2006 since I tele skied. Skills go away really fast without use. Need to correct that this winter, so long as the snow sticks around. I have some new skis on order – wider, sidecut, full metal edge Madschus Epoch with Voile 3pin cable bindings, anti ice tape and climbing wires. I’ll be using my Karhu boots (Converts I think) until next season – when I’ll try to snag some plastic boots used over the summer. Need to look at some winter sleeping gear… might have to expand my ‘overnights’ into the snow.

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  1. I think we spot a vehicle on Nebraska notch road, drive over to Bolton early early, and ski the traverse. Fresh snow and good weather would be key. Huge climb. Even bigger descent.

  2. That would be a nice trip. I’ve done that in the summer but not in the winter. I guess I need to get BC skiis again!

  3. Would love to do more BC stuff. Mild terrain for me, for now. Just have to figure out the whole gear thing. More $$ to spend I guess. Doubt my sleep kit could handle snow and really low temps. Been down into the 20s in my 35d down bag, out of the wind in a lean to. So maybe I’m close. Would have to look at a bivy and liner for my bag, or a new bag… or lots of dry clothes.

    Doing something with a hut involved could be really nice… hmm… Maine huts in the winter?

    Would be fun to have a network of those from VT to ME…

  4. Huts in the winter! With stoves. Sleeping out in the open is tough can just eat sticks of butter to stay warm. 🙂

    Looks like a lovely ski you had.

  5. Steve – Part 5 is up. I’m blathering on and on, and surprised by how many people (in real life and on the internet) seem to be enjoying it…).

    Little River is a fun place to play. I’m sure you have some cool terrain up north too…

  6. Hey Mike! I’m enjoying catching up with you blog on a snowy day. Gary and I have skied and snowshoed up at Maine Huts & Trails several times – were up there last weekend, actually. Wow, would be great to be up there today!! 🙂 I hope we can get up there again this season. We’ve stayed at two different huts, and so far Flagstaff is our favorite – so gorgeous on the lake with views of the Bigelow Range. And mild terrain 2 mile trip in with your gear, and then you can just leave you stuff at the lodge and ski. They do groom, so not hardcore backcountry, but its gorgeous and fun. Let me know if you have questions! -Sara

  7. Hey Mike,
    This post was the inspiration for a ski Nancy and I did today. I’d never been to or explored LRSP before so it was a fun new adventure. We skiied up from below the dam to Stevenson Brook trail and took that all the way up, looped over at the top and came back down on the other side of the little valley. It was spectacular. Thanks for the inspiration.

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